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  1) Oh, oh, the dreaded  tarp. It's so easy to train horses to cross it. They say plastic and horses, especially Arabians,  do not mix! Hogwash!!

  2) Side passing without touching the horse. Again, not so difficult and part of the ground work.

The "dreaded" car wash. It's amazing how well horses adapt to walking thru this with ground training. This is part of our in-hand obstacle training and mimics tree branches when you are out on the trail. Excellent training for young horses as well as mature horses that have not had much ground work!
Side passing.                                                                                       Front feet in hula hoop, turn on the forehand.

Crossing the cavaletti with flowers on them, no less!                               Stop and stand on the wooden bridge.

Oh, the distractions, balloons and blowing things!                 Backing thru the L. No touching your horse, please.

What are these peacock feathers in cones doing here? Ground tie on the mat.