Sold Horses

Lily of the Valley      Sold.
 Congrats to Marsha H., Cloquet, MN

2002 pony mare. 44 inches tall. She is round pen trained and in-hand obstacle; started on some tricks, lunges and is being ground driven.  A sweet mare, she would work wonderful with an adult looking for a pony to continue training. She may be a nice driving pony with training. Watch her video and you will see how wonderfully she moves. She is fed HS-35 ( and new owner must be willing to continue her present diet. She is extremely healthy. She is NOT broke to ride at the current time. Very nice disposition and fun to work with. Enjoys attention and people.  Nice conformation and definitely a quality pony. She is a wonderful pony--highly intelligent and trainable. Loves attention.

Listing for a client.

Mindy Fyre Sold! Congrats to Tom C.
                                                 and family from MN. (May 28, 2016)

Walk-Trot/Lead line Pony Mare

42” pony mare, age 6. In-hand obstacle trained, round pen training, lunges, has been harnessed and started in ground driving.  Has 30 days under saddle training; see video.

A sweet mare, she is wonderful to work with and is very intelligent.

Nice conformation and definitely a quality pony. She is NOT a game pony. 
She is NOT registered. 


Sandar Hersheys Hugs  "Dakota"     
(RGS Norman x Paulsens Hershey Kiss)  
DOB: 1997 Buckskin Mare
AMHA & AMHR registered
Dakota joined the rest of her herd with Dawn S. in Wisconsin in June 2016.


Sold! Congrats to Hanina H. from Virginia! Dec 2015
Photo & video taken Sept. 26, 2015 Calf-tracking video, others to come. This was only the third time he had tracked a steer!
Gold N Rico
(Gold N Rio x Pro Choice, by *Probat)                                          
Purebred Arabian Gelding                                                                                 
April 5, 2010                                                                                                        
 14.3 1/2 HH

 Out of a *Probat daughter, his pedigree also includes *Paarden, *Padron, *Bask and Fire An Ice etc.This is a horse that has not been over used, abused or started too early, thus allowing his skeletal frame (and his brain) to mature! He has been fed HS-35 literally from conception! 90 days of training with an exceptional trainer in Iowa. 

Below are her comments:
Light and responsive to subtle cues (no spurs or harsh bits)
Very forward moving horse
Always ready to work
Doesn’t wear down or tire out
Great horse for a confident rider seeking a horse that can be trained to a higher level
Gorgeous with great conformation
Moves beautifully
Nice height
Awesome Dressage prospect, trail, endurance, reining, cutting, team penning…and the list goes on.

Photos below taken July 2015

Photos below taken July 26, 2014.


Click Here to see a video of Rico done 7.26.14   (right click)

2012 video below also showing in-hand trail training



Some more candid shots of Rico. He is simply gorgeous!
                                                                           Peek a Boo! Who's under the PLASTIC tarp??? Could it be Rico?


Congrats to Kelly D. from MN! 6/13/15
Ginger     Super Driving Prospect
Born 2009
   A SUPER smart mare to work with, I am very impressed with her intelligence and trainability. She is round pen trained, long lined, started on tricks, -in hand trail trained and basically bridles herself--no kidding! I hold the headstall out, she puts her nose in, picks up the bit, pulls it in and I put the headstall over her ears! She is WAY COOL!!! She has had one foal (a medicine hat colt) and his owners love him. Shetland/Welsh cross, not registered. About 42 inches tall. She has been ridden by kids (lead line), but not recently. She is calm and quiet. I think she would make an excellent driving pony.

Honey with her new owner, 10 year old Bailey.

Sweet Honey Impress (Honey)          SOLD! 
(Sunny Review x Co Whiz, by Daddy's Whizz Kid)                                                       Congrats to Jennifer & Bailey                                    
DOB: May 3, 2000
15 HH
n/n Clear Negative for the HYPP gene mutation
She's been an HS-35 girl for most of her life! 

Honey is truly the "golden goose" that lays the "golden eggs" as her foals are spectacular with Gold N Rio.
Impressive, Peter McCue and Beaus My Daddy bloodlines

This beautiful mare is both halter and performance bred in the Paint Horse world. She is not only an excellent broodmare, but has been trail ridden and shown in halter in the past.  She enjoys attention and loves to be groomed and worked with. She is in excellent health. She isn’t worn out from overriding so little wear and tear on her joints and hasn’t been “hot dogged” by kids or abused. She clips, bathes, loads, travels well and stands good for the farrier.

 She has one partial blue eye, has always been barefoot and is an easy keeper.

 She is round pen trained with body language and/or voice commands and has a good stop.
From the trainer on 5/20/15: "I have been riding her in a plain snaffle, and she is very soft and responsive. She has an excellent whoa with nearly a sliding stop.

 Honey has foaled three beautiful palomino overo foals by our stallion. She puts long necks and size on her foals. She was the babysitter when we weaned foals.

  (See her 3-year-old filly Rio's Crowning Glory, above, and photos of her two sons Gold N Cash &Gold N Boy, below!)

Photos below taken 7/29/14
Video available:

Honey's sons (below) Gold N Cash (pictured as a weanling) and Gold N Boy (by Gold N Rio), pictured as a yearling


SOLD!                                                       Dec. 2014
Watch for Jennie Peterson and Holly in the show ring!

 Impatient Cowgirl SOS "Holly"
(Marystown Cowboy Cool [by Epplers Coca Cola Cowboy] x Skip Of Gold SOS, [by Simmons Sonny])


DOB: 2008
Height: 32"
A Beautiful Frosted Buckskin Mare!
An In-hand trail champion. A super nice mare with a wonderful attitude.
She is back in the long lines prepping for harness and looking forward to a show ring career.


Hollywood Chic A Dee
 (Boggies Rip x Boot Scootin Dondi, by Scoot Lena Bar, by Smart Chic Olena)
14 HH
She's been an HS-35 girl for  over  two years!                    Sold 2014! Congrats to Melissa P. 
Mankato, MN            
Photo above taken in October 2013 so she is already starting to get her winter coat.
Registered QH filly. Born July 31, 2011. She is DNA'd for color (grey). She has a great performance pedigree (Smart Chic Olena, Hollywood Jac 86, Magnolia Bar and Zan Parr Barr breeding).
Click on link below for pedigree.
 A great article written about Hollywood Jac 86 at the link below!

Gold N Kahlei (caw-lee-ah)                                       Sold! Congrats to Tara B from Ohio.

(Gold N Rio x Pro Choice, by Probat)
Purebred Arabian Filly
June 11, 2011
Moderate Sabino, white on right side with drizzle to belly spot, white roaning on rear buttocks.
She's an HS-35 girl!
New photos taken 8/3/14 as a three year old.


Photos below as a 2 year old. 

Photos below as a yearling.


Sold! Congrats D.S. of WI. She will be dearly missed! 2014
Gold N Carmel Kisses     
(Canterbury Gold Rush x Sanders Hershey Hugs)         

April 16, 2010
AMHA & AMHR Palomino pinto filly
Measured at 30.25" May 18, 2013

 6 blues (3 judges each class) at her first AMHA show in open and amateur.


Gold N Hott Shott
(Canterbury Gold Rush x Trixie)    Sold 2014! Congrats to Jean M. from Nebraska   
AMHR Gelding
DOB: May 30, 2011
Hott Shott has a great disposition and is very athletic and correct. He is about 33." He is very laid back and exhibits western pleasure gaits.
 Exceptionally nice to work with. Friendly and likes people.
  • Round Pen Trained
  • In-hand obstacle trained
  • Started in the long lines and over obstacles. 
  • Great personality
  • Exhibits extreme talent for harness
  • Hitched twice in January 2014--he was awesome! We look forward to his show ring debut with his new owner!!!

     CLIENT-owned pony sold (2014). 
     Little Miss Sunshine
    SOLD! Congrats to Jean from Nebraska
    Sunshine will be missed; she was a wonderful pony, and I had great fun teaching her tricks and in-hand obstacle training as well as being the first to long line her!
    2012 palomino filly. Leads, ties, good with farrier, started in the in-hand obstacle course. Has been started ground driving. Wonderful to work with. May be "gaited." Nice disposition, extremely intelligent. Would make a nice cart horse. Should mature in mid 40 inch range. Not registered. Sire bloodlines available upon request.

    Gold N Bliss (Peanut)
          Sold! Congrats to Sally H., Duluth, MN (2013)   
    (Canterbury Gold Rush x Z Annie Oakley) 
    DOB: May 16, 2010
    AMHR sorrel pinto filly
     32.75 inches.

    Gold Rush was sold to Washington state and has returned to Wisconsin March 2015! Thanks Dawn S. for the rescue!!!
    Canterbury Gold Rush
          SOLD! Congrats Connie G. WI! (2013)                     
    Sire: Vermilyea Farms Stylish Buckeroo (by Boones Little Buckeroo)
    Dam: Hunt House Farms Rowdys Mist (by Rowdy)

    Foaled: 6/2/05 *AMHA & AMHR
    Height: 30 inches 


    This little power-packed dynamo is exceptionally smart and talented with a fun personality. He doesn’t forget a thing he’s taught whether you do in hand trail or jumping, which he loves! He has been round pen trained, long lined and hitched to a toboggan in the winter. The cart is ready and waiting for him; time just has not permitted. He was shown as a 3 year old at an AMHA and AMHR back to back show and did a wonderful job especially in the in-hand trail. He loves jumping, but needs a young, energetic and athletic person to keep up with him!
    Our little Mississippi Man (who originated out of Mississippi, obviously) has been putting some nice babies with color (palomino, buckskin, cremello, perlino) on the ground. He has all the greats in his pedigree, a beautiful "Arabian" head and great conformation. I do not utilize "sweats" of any kind  or cosmetic enhancements so he is "all natural!"
    Gold Rush was my Miniature dream horse.       

    Golden Trinkett                 Sold! Congrats to Dawn S., WI (2013)

     (Wingrivers Cashew Jo x Frosty's Tuly Tessa Knutson)                 
    Foaled: 05/25/2009
    AMHR palomino filly
    32 inches


    Z-Annie Oakley               Sold! Congrats to Dawn S., WI. (2013)

    (Nightwind's Zorro x Pee Wees Lilt Snowy)                                           
    Height: 32"
    DOB: 2006
    2 blue eyes


    Client Sale
    : SOLD! Congrats to Dianna W., IL (2013)
    2005 AMHR Black and White Mare
    I bred this mare and owned both her sire and dam.  She is a full sibling to Z-Annie Oakley.

    Enchanted Jewell          Sold! Congrats to Dawn S., WI (2013)
    (Gem Skyes Land Of Ozz x Axtman Prairie Starfire)
    Foaled: June 4, 2010
    AMHA & AMHR 
    31.25 inches as of June 2013


     Small in size with a BIG personality and correct conformation. Great potential as a therapy horse due to her disposition. She has several crosses to Appaloosa breeding in her pedigree, and it is expressed in striped hooves and mottled skin. She may have a "snowflake" coat pattern following shed out this spring. Her sire was a cremello and her dam was a silver dapple.
    Sold. Congratulations  to Dawn S. Wisconsin (2013)
    Snow Bunnies Angel SOS     DNA Tested Black Based  
    (Marystown Cowboy Cool x Platinum Blonde, by Simmons Sunny) 
    2006 mare

    32.25 inches

    AMHA & AMHR Silver Buckskin Pinto

  • Round Pen Trained
  • Started in in-hand trail
  • Started in long lines

    Two blue eyes with black liner, silver buckskin tobiano mare. Champion bloodlines. 


    Sold. Congratulations  to Terre A., WI (2013)
    Gold N Barbee        
    (Canterbury Gold Rush x Snow Bunnies Angel SOS)
    Foaled: June 8, 2010
    AMHA & AMHR Silver Buckskin pinto filly

    34"  measured May 18, 2013


    Round Pen Trained

    Started Over Obstacles

    Started in long lines
    I am so impressed with her intelligence and trainability. She has a wonderful, in your pocket personality, enjoys people and is going to be fabulous in the cart. She is dark around her eyes, dark tipped ears and black and white in her mane and tail. Her dam was DNA tested and is Black Based so this little doll is definitely a silver buckskin.

    RW Evening Star (Eve)  Sold. Congratulations Paul K., SC. (2012)

    (Road Warrior x Follow My Star)
     May 1, 1997     


    Gold N Karma
    (Gold N Rio x FS Paaradise Dreamn)                SOLD! Congratulations Dick H., MN (2011)
    Foaled: 7/21/07                                                  
    Double Reg. Half-Arabian and Pinto
    *HAHR Sweepstakes Nominated

    Gold N Phalcon
    (Gold N Rio x Beat Of My Heart)
    Foaled: 04/23/2009
    Reg. 3/4 Arabian Gelding
    *HAHR Sweepstakes Nominated
    SOLD! Congratulations to Den & Joan E., IL! (2011)







    FS Paaradise Dreamn (Dream)
    Sire: Tequila Cowboy
    Dam: Coundessa (By *Paarden)
    Foaled: 04/06/1997
    *Double Registered Half-Arabian Pinto Mare
    *1998 Region VI Champion Yearling Sweepstakes Filly

    SOLD! Congratulations Suzanne R. of Minnesota! Voted horse of the month 2012!
    Tawny Temptress
    (Rocking H Baley X Merry Legs)
    Foaled: 04/28/2007
    Double Registered Half Welsh and Pinto Filly
    Arabian bloodlines include Bahim Hisan/*Morafic; *Barich De Washoe; Azraff
    SOLD! Congratulations to Kate & Danielle, Conway,MA.

    Gold N Lexxus                   SOLD! Congratulations Mary S. of  Duluth,MN
    Sire: Gold N Rio
    Dam: Pro Choice (Probat x Baskfibia, by *Bask)
    DOB: April 19, 2008
    *Purebred Arabian Filly
    *AHA Sweepstakes Nominated 



    Gold N Journey
    Sire:  Gold N Rio
    Dam: Precocious Jamaal (Gold N Ali x Princess Jamaal by Ali Jamaal)
    Foaled: May 30, 2008
    *Purebred Arabian Colt
    *AHA Sweepstakes Nominated

     Sold! Congratulations Ben & Sharon C. of Maine



    Gold N Boy
    Gold N Rio x Sweet Honey Impress)
    DOB: June 24, 2008
    Sold! Congratulations Beth C. of Clovis, CA
    *Double Registered Half Arabian Pinto Gelding (Dam is a registered APHA palomino overo)
    *HAHR Sweepstakes Nominated


    Gold N Ice Glo
    (FC Casino Royale x Heavenly Rosebud, by *Paarden)
    Foaled: 6/11/07

    *Purebred Arabian
    *AHA Sweepstakes Nominated

    Sold! Congratulations Ben & Sharon C. of Maine

    16 HH as a 4 year old.


    Gold N Inphiniti
    (Gold N Rio x Beat Of My Heart)
    April 1, 2008
    *Reg. 3/4 Arabian
    *HAHR Sweepstakes Nominated
    15.3 HH at maturity!

    Sold! Congratulations Steven W. of Rhode Island

    Congratulations to Phin and his owner Steven W. of R.I. on their incredible wins on the class A circuit. We are awaiting  photos to post and looking forward to the East Coast Championship show this year and the U.S. Nationals next year!
    MORE Class A and 2012 East Coast wins! Too many to list!! He continues in 2013 with his new owner! Way to go, Phin!!!



    Gold N Pharoh
    (Gold N Rio x Beat Of My Heart)
    HAHR 3/4 Reg.
    Sweepstakes Nominated

    Sold! Congratulations Sharon W. of Illinois

    Frostys Tuly Tess Knutson (Tess)  SOLD to Sheri S.,  MN  
    Sire: Wheeler's Jack Frost (Red Ryder bred)                               I do not advise selling her any horses!                                                                
    Dam: Honey Sunrise (Gold Melody Boy bred)                                                   
    Foaled: 08/06/1995                                                                                       
    Height: 33.5"

    Tess is an easy breeder, foaler and wonderful mother.
    Gold N Ghost           SOLD! Congrats to Jody K. Billings, MT (2012)
    (Canterbury Gold Rush x Frostys Tuly Tess Knutson)                   
    Foaled: July 30, 2010                                                          
    AMHR Cremello Colt
    33" approx.
    (see photo of dam above)

    Photos taken August 2011

    Ghost has been started in harness and is doing fabulous! For someone looking for a cart horse, he is exhibiting beautiful action. Nice personality and friendly. Plus he has some in-hand trail training and is learning some tricks! This colt is great!
    Sire: Maxamillion of Dotseth Acres              SOLD! Congrats to Steph W., Grand Rapids, MN (2012)
    Dam: Ebenhoh's Bright Dawn
    Foaled: 07/12/2009
    AMHR Palomino pinto gelding