We feed HS-35—the ideal supplement that conforms to the ultimate standard of excellence.

A portion of our Mini herd eating their HS-35 (fall 2011). They love their HS-35 and will "demand" it very loudly if we are late. In fact, we call them in from the fresh spring grass of pasture with the HS-35! Ideally, HS-35 should be fed individually, but you can train your horses to eat in a herd setting. Each Mini gets approximately 1/4 cup daily along with their forage and free choice, loose Redmond Organic Salt. I add minimal plain, whole oats to the HS-35 in the winter, but otherwise, they just get the HS-35. Do NOT feed HS-35 free choice!!

IMPORTANT: For those of you who have your horses on a “diet” and feed pellets, sweet feed (or nothing at all).
Regardless of how fat your horse is (and make sure it’s not a false fat that comes from feeding high fiber, water attracting feed), your horse is NOT getting what it needs in the form of nutrition.

“If your horse is NOT getting the EXACT amount of feed for his specific body weight then he/she is either getting too much or too little of the vitamins and minerals that are in whatever you are feeding”* (*Dr. Dan Moore)
It is not possible to even meet a horse’s minimum daily requirements if the correct daily amount is not fed.

The best grain to feed with HS-35? OATS!! PLAIN WHOLE OATS.


Questions to ask about feed:
    Don't be fooled with pretty packaging.
    Don't buy based on smell.
    Don't buy based on peer pressure.
    Don't buy based on marketing.
    Feed for optimal health not just maintenance.
    Nutritional standards have changed greatly in the last 40 years.
    Know the types of chemicals that are used to produce crops that end up in your horse feed.
    Pesticides and chemicals cannot be washed off as they are “uptaken” by the roots/pulp.
    Know what byproducts are in horse feed, and where they come from.
    Be familiar with the list of “junk” that can be used as a source of protein in horse
    feed according to the American Feed Control Assn. (AFCA).

    Look for a fixed formula.
    Check the feed tag and ingredient label for animal byproducts. (Horses are herbivores (NOT a carnivores) so they should NOT be fed animal byproducts.)

Do you know:
    Pellets are cooked which destroys nutritive value?
    Horses weren’t designed to eat “cooked” food?
    “Cold processed” pellets use hydrogenated oils?
    Corn has the same glycemic index as sugar and is hard to digest?
    Beet Pulp is an insoluable fiber and attracts water? Plus much, much more (watch for upcoming
      article by Dr. Dan Moore and myself on the problems with feeding beet pulp)

    Horses don’t have a gall bladder; beware of oils.
    There is very little nutritive value left in hay/pasture and cereal grains due to farming practices?
    About the dirty little secrets that are hidden in horse feed?

As a horse owner, you are responsible for what you ultimately feed your horse. No one can make that choice or decision for you, but it is also your responsibility to educate yourself.

If your horse is on the list below, perhaps it's time to question "why?"

The common denominator in the majority of the issues listed below is linked to nutrition.

Insulin Resistant
Cushings or Pre-Cushings
Joint problems
Colic prone
Sore back
Senstive to touch/grouchy
Aggressive or difficult behavior in mares
Cribber/wind sucker
OCD (Osteochondrosis)
Reproductive issues (irregular heat cycles, difficult to get in foal, etc.)
Low sperm count in stallions
Poor hooves (cracks, chronic abscesses, White Line Disease, etc.)
Thin, obese or difficult to maintain
Senior horses
And the list goes on...

HS-35 is easy to feed and economical, PLUS the results are INCREDIBLE!

Why Feed HS-35?
    No PAID endorsements by “famous” people. It stands on its own merits!
    Top quality vitamins and chelated minerals (highest quality & bio-availability).
    All 10 ESSENTIAL amino acids
    Selenium yeast
    Six strains of Probiotics and Prebiotics
    Fixed formula
    No animal byproducts
    No corn, no sweet feed, no beet pulp, no rice bran, NO JUNK fillers
    No high fiber, water-attracting ingredients so no false fat or water weight