Miniature Stallions

NOTE: We do not utilize "sweats" of any kind  or cosmetic enhancements (other than clipping). Our horses are "all natural!" 


Gold N Dakota Bear   Sold! Congrats to D.S. of WI. He is a wonderful little
   (Canterbury Gold Rush x Dakota)           guy and will be missed. He has the greatest personality. We
AMHA & AMHR                                          look forward to seeing his future babies! 2014
DOB: May 21, 2011
A superb young stallion that needs to be in the show ring and in a breeding shed. A minimal tobiano GOLDEN BUCKSKIN, he has two midnight blue eyes with dark eyeliner. Incredible hip and shoulder, four stockings to boot! Show and sire quality.
  • Round pen trained
  • Started over obstacles
  • Started in the long lines (driving off the halter--not bit)
  • Great personality
  • Exhibits extreme talent for harness

   Photos taken 7/14/13

 Pictured as a yearling below