Gold N Rio

Gold N Rio                                    
(FC Casino Royale x Heavenly Rosebud)  

 DOB: 06/09/2003
 15.1 HH
   * PUREBRED Arabian Sabino Stallion
    * Double Registered Arabian & Pinto
    * AHA Sweepstakes Nominated Sire
    * SCID Clear 
For Sale: SERIOUS inquiries ONLY to an approved buyer! Retained breedings part of the package.



Gold N Rio is a (proud) domestic blend of Russian and Crabbet breeding with a dash of Egyptian. Through his sire, he traces to the double registered, purebred Arabian palomino stallion Fire An Ice, a multiple regional and Scottsdale Western Pleasure Champion and U.S. National Top Ten. Fire An Ice’s sire, Gold N Ali was an incredible athletic, gorgeous golden horse and a multiple winner in several disciplines. Anyone who ever saw Gold N Ali never forgot him.

Rio’s dam, Heavenly Rosebud, is a Class A western pleasure winner. Her sire, *Paarden was a multiple western pleasure, halter and ladies side saddle winner.

Rosebud’s dam, CVA Ciara, is by Son Glo (by *Padron), a Brazilian National Champion in Western Pleasure. And, of course, everyone knows *Padron’s show record.

Aside from Rio’s correct conformation, athletic ability and gorgeous color, he has an INCREDIBLE disposition. He loves his trainers (and people) and enjoys working under saddle, whether out on the trail or in the ring.

Bred to be an athlete, he has the natural ability and temperament to excel in a variety of disciplines. His offspring have inherited his temperament, athletic ability and, in most cases, his eye-catching color.

 Along with his phenomenal temperament, he is exceptionally intelligent. He is a "power house" and those that have ridden him have commented on his incredible power, yet he is a very kind and willing horse that enjoys being ridden.
Below is Rio's full sister Dove (first two as a yearling), the third as an adult.


               We couldn't resist...O.K., O.K., maybe it's not millions yet, but it could be...

Rio with his "Loved By Millions" sign. We should have had him hold his HS-35 bucket! He LOVES his supplement.

  My niece Tami riding Rio (age 3) at his first show.                  Tami and Rio in training at MN Horse Training Academy.


Our boy is American-made!! Standing next to our American flag and POW flag (below).
 My husband served in Viet Nam, and I am very proud of his and every service man's contribution to this country.

Rio is a blend of "nationalities" like those that made this country great. He is Russian and Crabbet-bred with a dash of Egyptian for good measure!


      Rio (2009)                                          Rio with Miniature Horse Holly, 2009

                                                                            It's in the genes!
     Rio's dam, Heavenly Rosebud, below

                            Rio's maternal grandsire, *Paarden


Sire of Fire An Ice (Rio's great grandfather)