Around The Farm


Tasha Lee joined our household in Nov. 2015. She is a husky mix.

New 2015 addition: Norwegian Elkhound
Keisha Maree
Below as a puppy

Kia Ria
The female Min Pin joined us in late July 2011. This time a rescue. She is a beautiful soul and is a big part of our family. We call her our "Wild Child" as she is so rambunctious and energetic. Kia is a March 2010 model.

Of course, then there's the cat Pirate, a  June 2011 neutered male and two spayed females Turtle Sundae, a tortoiseshell, and Sugar Baby, a calico, and rescued wild cat. It took 6 months to be able to pet Sugar Baby, but she finally come around! Loves to have her ears and back scratched now.
Photos coming.

    Pirate (below)                                                  Turtle Sundae (below)                                                            

ainbow Bridge


With great sorrow we announce the passing of Judy, our 29 year old mini on August 13, 2015. Judy's story is on the Mini page.

(a neutered male), a stray that someone dumped off.

We lost Fred, too, this year 2014.

Brandi Alexandria
Our precious Brandi
May 10, 2001
Sept. 19, 2014
It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our beloved Brandi. She graced and blessed our lives for 13 years, four months and nine days.
Words cannot express our sorrow.


                   Forever in my heart
Abby Lane- July 6, 2010 – Nov. 16, 2012
It is still difficult to talk about Abby and see her photos. I miss her so much. 

Snow White R

Snow White R was our first Miniature American Eskimo. She was part of our family for over 13 years. We lost her on December 22, 2009. We are sure that somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge she, Sheba and Zoe Dahleen are together playing in the gardens of Heaven.

In memory of the happy, little, possum-hunting dog, Sheba, whom we lost on November 17, 2009. May she play forever in the gardens of Heaven. Photo Credit: Frank Soukup III

Zoe Darlene
Tragedy has struck once more. How do you say goodbye? We lost our beloved Zoe Darlene on June 30, 2011 after 9 months of valiantly fighting to keep her alive. She had been a part of our life from the time she was only 2 months old. 8 years wasn't nearly long enough...she is missed so much. She and Snowie were the best of friends and when Snowie died, a part of her did too. If there is a dog heaven, one can only hope they are reunited and that Snowie is taking care of Zoe Dahleen (as we called her).


In memory of Maiji, who runs forever in the desert sands of Arizona with her foal at side. May your oasis be paradise. She gave us four beautiful boys by Gold N Rio: Gold N Pharoh, Gold N Inphiniti, Gold N Phalcon and her last son, Gold N Phire Phox.
Her new owner, Dolly Pratt, lost both Maiji and her foal during foaling. We were all devastated!

April 19, 2000 - April 27, 2012

It is with great sadness we report the loss of Rosebud on Feb. 16, 2013. This incredible mare was a real gem. God must have needed an beautiful mare to ride... May her pastures be knee deep in sweet meadow grass and may she run and play as she awaits the rest of us.

Heavenly Rosebud
Sire: *Paarden
CVA Ciara (by Son Glo [*Padron])
Foaled: 03/31/1997
* Purebred Arabian Mare
*Class A Western Pleasure Winner


Heavenly Rosebud
I have loved the *Paarden-bred horses from the first time I saw *Paarden’s photo in a 1983 ad in The Arabian Horse Times and then later, in person, with his trainer Jerry McCrae in 1984 in Rochester, MN.
So when we purchased the purebred Arabian mare CVA Ciara (Son Glo x Jomahna, by Mensch) in 1995, there was no doubt to whom she would be bred. An exquisite-headed mare that often stopped people in their tracks, Ciara was a beautiful blend of Russian and Crabbet bloodlines with a dash of Egyptian.
Paarden’s beauty, conformation, athletic ability, and excellent disposition were a perfect complement to her.

Bred by M. Blaauwhof Van Hellenberg Hubar, Paarden was born in Zijtaart, Holland.

Bred by M. Blaauwhof Van Hellenberg Hubar, Paarden was born in Zijtaart, Netherlands on May 12, 1979, and imported as a weanling to the United States by Bob Stratmore, who also imported his 7/8 brother, *Padron.
As a yearling, he had a short halter career with Brad Gallun of Bethesda Farms and won at various California shows.
Shortly thereafter, Dean and Mary Lou Hindal of Minnesota purchased him and went into training with Jerry McRae of O’Mac Stables of Red Wing, MN, who showed him in open Western Pleasure. He was also shown in Western Pleasure AOTR by the Hindal’s daughter.
In 1988, Larry and Shirley Ellis of Red Rock Arabians, Lytton, IA purchased *Paarden+ and their daughter Ann showed him in Western Pleasure JOTR and later in side saddle and Western Pleasure AOTR. *Paarden+ received his Legion of Honor in 1997. (Information courtesy of Red Rock Arabians)

Heavenly Rosebud acquired her name as a thank you to divine intervention that literally saved her life while still in utero, a story later chronicled in the magazine Equus.
Rosebud was trained and shown in western pleasure as a four year old. She placed well in her first two shows until an eye injury sidelined her. Two incompetent veterinarians later, and she lost eyesight in one eye, (we later learned that a simple and inexpensive procedure could have saved her eyesight). She adjusted to her situation very well and  returned to under saddle work in 2012.

Rosebud has produced three beautiful offspring—two colts and one filly—all by the same stallion FC Casino Royale (a Fire An Ice grandson), who is a melding of Crabbet, Polish and Egyptian bloodlines. Rosebud’s first born son, Gold N Rio,  is our herd sire and the beginning of our “Gold N” horses.